Haw Par Villa

Location: Singapore

A Buddhist theme park? That’s right! Located in Singapore, this amusement park isn’t quiet what you expect it to be. There’s no rides, there’s no admission, and, there’s no concessions. That’s right, created in 1937, Haw Par Villa was a park created to teach Singaporean’s the morals of right and wrong, as well as the consequences they would face in the afterlife. Included in the park is the “Ten Courts of Hell”. A very graphic and disturbing display of the punishments you would face in the afterlife for doing ANY sort of wrong doing. From cursing, to prostitution, to murder.

The park does also include many shrines and multiple statues of Buddhist God’s themselves. Needless to say, Haw Par Villa has fallen on hard times. Instead of tearing it down (which, destroying a temple or shrine is against religion), they have made it open and free to the public. Just pay your $5 to park and your in