Season Two

This map outlines the locations in which we have traveled during Season Two. Click the link for each location if you wish to read more about the obscure!

Click the image to see more pictures and information of each location.

Fire Breathing Dragon Bridge
Da Nang, Central Vietnam

Ta Prohm
Siem Reap, Cambodia

Cabbage and Condoms
Bangkok, Thailand

Cu Chi Tunnels
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Goddess Tuptim Shrine
Bangkok, Thailand

Rooftop Phone Booth
Lincoln, Illinois

419.99 Mile Marker
Stratton, Colorado

80ft high easel and Van Gogh Painting
Goodland, Kansas

Longaberger Basket Company
Newark, Ohio

Upside Down Traffic Light
Syracuse NY

Desert of Maine
Freeport, Maine

Skinny House
Boston, Mass

America’s Stonehenge
Salem, New Hampshire

Bannerman’s Castle
Beacon NY

Crypt at Center Church
New Haven, Connecticut

Moundsville State Penitentiary
Moundsville, WV

Dublin, Ohio

David Grohl Alley
Warren, Ohio

Loveland Castle
Loveland, Ohio

Hippie Memorial
Arcola, Illinois

Cement Land
St. Louis, Missouri

Mallows Bay
Nanjemoy, Maryland

Haw Par Villa

Garden of Eden
Lucas, Kansas

Mushroom Rock State Park
Brookville, Kansas

Monument Rocks
Grinnell, Kansas

Bishop’s Castle
Rye, Colorado

Cano’s Castle “Temple to Jesus”
Antonito, Colorado

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Sandbar
Lawrence, Kansas

Seattle Gum Wall
Seattle, Washington

Tire Gorilla
Helsinki, Finland

Chapel of Silence
Helsinki, Finland

Linhall Olympic Arena
Tallinn, Estonia

Rock Church
Helsinki, Finland

Doll Garden
Sabile, Latvia

Slampe, Latvia

House of Pans
Zagare, Lithuania