The Skinny House

Location: Boston, Mass

Located at 44 Hull St, is a house no wider than a car is long. The rumors go on to say that the house was the result of a feud that took place between two brothers around the time of the Civil War. When one of the brothers returned from the war he found that his sibling had already built a large house on land which they inherited from their deceased father. Feeling that the house was too large, and his brother unfair in distributing the land, the house-less brother angrily built the Skinny House to intentionally block sunlight to his brothers house and ruin his brother’s view.

Today, the Skinny House is privately owned as a residential home, and is also rented out. According to owner Jennifer Simonic “We had a party of 10 one New Year’s Eve, and when one person has to go to the bathroom, everyone has to move. Instead of doors, we have floors between each space… When guests stay over, we put a mattress down on the closet floor… Except for sleeping in the closet, they seem to like it.”