House of Pans

Location: Zagare, Lithuania

Disorderly, or disobediant to say the least. “Honey-badger” in today’s terms because Edmundas Vaiciulis didn’t give a s&*t. When he started his career as a mechanical engineer he was given a uniform. Which he decided he didn’t want to wear. That career lasted only a week. When he moved into his split house on P. Cvirgos Gatve in the town of Zagare, he also wanted to make his house unique. Although his neighbor was quiet content with how the outside of the house looked but Edmundas wasn’t. So he began to add the normal pots and pans to the outside of the house that every loving neighbor would. Today, after 26 years, and multiple requests to take them down by town council, they still stay in place. Along with household objects and parts of machinery.