Goddess Tuptim Shrine

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

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Why not continue to live up to the name of the city. Located behind the 5 star Swissotel in Nai Lert Park, you must go to the back corner of the property, behind the parking garage, and next to the water taxi canal to find this treat. In the Buddhist religion, people start temples and shrines for the gods and goddess’ that they worship. And no matter what, it is bad luck to tear these down or remove them. It is however good luck to bring gifts and presents. So, at the Goddess of Fertility Shrine, why not bring…..penis’, or, peni? Either way, people started bringing all sorts of different shapes and sizes of penises. Wood, stone, concrete, and yes, even rubber penises adorn this property. It is said that for women looking to become “fertile” will come here to pray and help increase their chances of conception.