David Grohl Alley

Location: Warren, OH

Video Link: Click Here

A dirty alley with homeless people, and drug users is not what Warren Police Officer Joe O’Grady wanted his city to be seen as. So he took the initiative to transform this downtown alley way into something more enjoyable, more meaningful and a hell of a lot better to look at. So why not pay tribute to one of the classiest, most honest and humble musicians ever?…who was also born there. Dave Grohl is the only (known) music artist to have an entire alley dedicated to his life in the music industry.

Joe O’Grady (now retired from Warren Police Department and is running for Sheriff) took the bull by the horns to have all the proper paperwork approved and he then got with local artists and musicians and just gave then the creative go-ahead to make the alley something amazing and special.

So special that is, that even Dave Grohl made a surprise appearance for the dedication. He still brings people by when he is in town.