Conflict Kitchen

Location: University of Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh, PA

A unique take, from a unique restaurant. Conflict Kitchen is located just off the campus of University of Pittsburgh. Since its inception in 2010, Conflict Kitchen has only served food from countries that are in conflict with the U.S. When we were there filming it was the last week for the Cuban menu, and boy was the food amazing.

They try to switch up the country they are serving every couple to few months. Rotating with Cuban, Venezuelan, Iranian, North Korean, Aboriginal, Afghani, and others.

The purpose is also one might not expect. They do this to educate. With every meal they also hand out a pamphlet. So many people in the younger generation most likely have no idea what they conflict has been between US and Cuba. Or Venezuela. So conflict kitchen becomes a learning point, and a great place for authentic food, entertainment, and education.

If you happen to stop in Pittsburgh, make sure to stop by Conflict Kitchen.