Cano’s Castle “Temple to Jesus”

Location: Antonito, Colorado

Known by most as “Cano’s Castle”, this 4 story castle is made of beer cans and hub caps. Although, in keeping a promise to Cano Espinoza, we agreed that we would call it by it’s “proper” name. “Cano’s Temple to Jesus”.

Harmless, interesting, visionary, and, well, high, are four words to best describe Cano. He has spent the last few decades building his temple to Jesus. Although he says it is now complete, and on sale for $500 million. He says he plans to keep it until Jesus comes to visit. Or, some wealthy buyer decides to purchase it. It is actually built in 4 parts. The “The Queen”, “The King”, “The Rook”, and “The Palace”. He also says he has not drank a single beer can that was used to build it. Instead cleaning them off local roads. After a while, people also started bringing them to him.

Cano says his biggest influences’ for the “temple” are Jesus and Mary-Jane. Rightfully so.