Real Life (Flintstones) Bedrock City

Location: Williams, Arizona

Video Link: Coming Soon.

This Flintstone’s theme park and campground has had people yelling “Yaba Daba Doo” Since 1973. Bedrock City has made it possible for park goers to see what life was like for everyone’s favorite Stone Age family. For Flintstones rookies, there is a small rock movie theatre they can watch a Flintstone cartoon to catch up. Besides the homes of Fred & Wilma, Barney & Betty, there is also a small train, a school house and the dinosaur slide that mimics the brontosaurus Fred slides off when it is quitting time at the quarry. In addition to Bedrock City’s more standard amenities, such as the campground and park area, visitors can also eat at Fred’s Diner, which serves up Flintstones-inspired Bronto Burgers and Chickasurus Dinners, and spend money at the gift shop, which sells stuffed dinosaurs, postcards and T-shirts with Fred’s face on them.