Doll Hospital

Location:Lisbon, Portugal

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When humans need to seek medical attention they go to a hospital, when animals need a doctor, they go to a veterinarian. So, where do dolls go when they are broken?

The Doll Hospital of course. Located in Lisbon, Portugal, these doll surgeons have been fixing dolls with medical needs since 1830. No matter what the make is – ceramic, plastic, porcelyn, metal or fabric, and no matter what the injury is – missing, chipped or broken, the Hospital de Bonecas, is where you can send your favorite doll to be fixed. From anywhere in the world.

The waiting list is about 4 months, but they will be sure to fix your doll, as best as they can. They have drawers and drawers of eyeballs, (ya, it was creepy), arms, legs and hair.