Toe Shot – Sourdough Saloon

Location: Dawson City, Yukon Canada

Video Link: Click Here

A shot of liquor with human toe. Why not?

When prohibition was taking place, two brothers who were rum runners were making their way to Alaska from Canada to deliver illegal liquor for the fine citizens on Alaska. On one such run, Louie and Otto Linken were traveling when Louie’s foot went into some icy water and ended up soaking his foot. Fearing his brother would get gangreen, he decided to use their axe and take off the toe. The toe then sat for decades in a jar until Captain Dick decided he wanted turn the toe into profit.

They began adding the toe to shots of liquor as a right of passage for the members of the community who escaped south during the cold winters of Dawson City. The idea blew up and has now become the most popular….drink, if you will, in the town. They are currently on the 11th toe. 4 have been swallowed, 2 have been stolen and the rest have just deteriorated over the last 40 years.

Toe Shot