Statue of Liberty in a Pennsylvania River

Location: Dauphin Bouroughs, Pennsylvania

Originally erected in 1986 as a secret overnight operation, Gene Stilp had built the 450-lb Statue of Liberty replica in his garage with a group of his friends.They built the statue out of plywood and venetian blinds. Their goal was to get it on top of an old railroad pier in the middle of the Susquehanna River in the town of Dauphin, Pennsylvania just north of Harrisburg. After completing the night time delivery, the statue soon became a proud and patriotic landmark that this small town community loved.

In the 1990’s a strong windstorm blew the statue over destroying it. The town rallied together and raised money to build a new, and much stronger one. This time out of fiberglass, metal and wood. They carefully had a helicopter lower it into place this time.

Today, the statue still stands loud and proud. So if you happen to drive along Route 322, keep in eye out for it in the middle of the river.


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