Screaming Heads Castle

Location: Burk’s Falls, Ontario, Canada

Video Link: Click Here

Peter Camani went to fix a broken bay window on his farm house in 1990, and he hasn’t stopped since. The inspirational artist (who has had paintings hanging in both Buckingham Palace and The Vatican) began to build his own castle. Known by some as Midlothian Castle, and by others the Screaming Heads Castle, Camani has made his own domain a site of curiousity to anyone that passes by. And he welcomes them to explore his property. Between the grounds he lives on, and an area across the street, he has created nearly 100 ghostly figures that pop up out of the ground. Some weighing upto 4 tons in concrete that he had to raise by a crane.Included on his castle are 9 peacocks guarding the ground, the “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil”…head turret, a dragon, and oh yeah….a bathtub on the roof. The entire house is a unique site to see, but Peter himself couldn’t be any nicer.





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