Goose Creek Tower a.k.a. “Dr. Seuss House”

Location: Telkeetna, Alaska

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After many different “stories” and rumors about what is known as the “Dr. Seuss House”; we were able to finally discover the truth about this architectural wonder. Phillip Weidner, an Anchorage based trial lawyer, is the only owner the house as ever had. Mr. Weidner began building the house in 1997 outside Telkeetna, Alaska as a one story log cabin. He then decided he wanted to add a level to the house, and another and another. And he just kept going.

Although known online as the “Dr. Seuss House”, Mr. Weidner explicitly has said that the house should NOT be called the “Dr. Seuss House”, because “It’s real, its not a fantasy”. He wants it to be known as the Goose Creek Tower.

The house currently stands at 185ft high and has an unconfirmed amount of levels ranging from 16-18 floors. Depending on how you want to count them. It includes eight, 360 degree balconies and on the very top includes an octagon that Mr.Weidner plans to fully enclose so he can sit up there and watch the northern lights. The house has been built so it can sway enough to deal with the Alaskan high winds, and some minor earthquakes.

The house is still under construction and is not open to the public. Yet. Mr. Weidner is hoping to have it finished by 2018 and then would like to open it to himself and the public.

Dr. Seuss House