Casa de Flor

House of Flowers

Location: Cabo Frio, (Rio de Janeiro) Brazil

Video link: Click Here

Gabriel dos Santos was an individual who spent 63 years of his life building his own home….Out of trash he found around the neighborhood. Never finishing school, but wanting to live on his own, Gabriel dos Santos built the house he would live in from 1922 to his death in 1985 using broken dishes, beer bottles, light bulbs, clay, whale bone and anything else he could find locally. As you walk through the house its almost like its own time capsule. After everything he finished, or added, he included the date he was done.

The house itself is only 3 rooms. A living area, a kitchen/bedroom combined and a small storage area. As you wonder throughout the house, you will see where he has created hundreds of “flowers” everywhere you look. It may seem a little rough when you first look at it, but he took the term “One man’s trash is another one’s treasure” to heart, and made his home as comfy as he wanted it.



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