Exploring the Obscure is a documentary discovering history of unique treasures around the world.

Do you ever see an abandon building and think, “I wonder what that was once like?, who lived there? what was it used for?”. Or pass an entire town that was once thriving and now is in ruins and no longer has any human life? Perhaps you see a strange sighting on the side of the road and wonder the story behind it. Or, you try to figure how mother nature has made some of the most interesting choices when building this world we live on. Well, I’m here to try and help solve some of life’s mysteries, when we go Exploring the Obscure.

Starring Tim Martini as host. With special guests and bands stopping by regularly




  1. Hi Tim. I am in Talkeetna and wanted to visit the tower. What do you suggest? Also, are there any other sights that you would suggest in Alaska?

    Maryann Slater

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